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Made in America: Travel's Contribution to Workforce Development and Career Advancement

Made in America Travel's Contribution to Workforce Development and Career Advancement cover

广东福彩好彩一预测 For millions of Americans, a career in the travel industry is not just a first job, but the first step toward the American dream of a stable, prosperous and rewarding life with a competitive...

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The Weaponization of Travel Toolkit: Dealing with a Travel Ban or Boycott in Your Destination

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Travel bans and boycotts have become increasingly popular tools for public officials, corporate leaders and grassroots activists to undermine the passage of controversial legislation.


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Impact of Travel on State Economies, 2018 Edition

media impact_of_travel_on_state_economies_report_cover_2017

Economic impact statistics (travelers’ expenditures, travel-generated employment, payroll income and tax revenues) for the nation, each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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The Mind of the Manager: What Your Boss Really Thinks About Vacation

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More than 100 billion business emails are sent every day.?No email communication is more fraught with tension than the vacation request.?

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The State of American Vacation 2017

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American work culture may be on the verge of major change.?

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Domestic Travel Market Report, 2018

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This annual report offers insights on domestic travelers’ characteristics including: primary trip purpose, accommodation preferences, changes in travel party composition and the top trip...

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State of American Vacation 2018

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America’s vacation behavior is changing—and for the better. Employers are showing signs of having more encouraging vacation cultures, and employees are feeling more confident about using the time they earn.

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Under-Vacationed America: A State-by-State Look at Time Off

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Leaving vacation days unused has become an unfortunate national pastime. America is not, however, monolithic.

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The Power of Vacation Planning

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Planning vacation time is a simple, but meaningful way to improve happiness, boost morale, prevent burnout, and reduce stress.

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The Economic Review of Travel in America, 2018 Edition

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Analysis of current and historical measurements of the U.S. travel industry, including domestic and international inbound travel volume and the impact of travel on the U.S. economy.

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